Learn to Drive 2019

'T' Junctions (turning right)

Written on 01/02/2019
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Aim: The examiners expect you to be able to employ your hazard drill on the approach to junctions, in this case, turning right at a 'T' junction.


Hazard Drill - M S P S G L

(take a look at 'T' Junctions (turning left) for a more detailed description)


When checking your mirrors, always move your head so the examiner can see your actions.

When slowing down, make sure you come off the gas and cover the brake first, before pushing your clutch down so that you do not coast and prevent engine breaking.


Before you set off at the junction, make sure you look right first into the area that you're entering, then left at any on-coming traffic, and right again to make sure it's clear and safe to proceed.