A step by step guide to passing your practical driving test

(All images are timed to allow you to read them)

Successfully completing a practical driving test and becoming a qualified driver is one of the most daunting tasks any individual faces. So much depends on it, and it's not cheap! The average cost of a driving lesson is now £24 per hour and with the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) recommending 47 hours of tuition under the supervision of a professional driving instructor, the total cost of lessons for a learner will be £1,128.00 (prices vary across the UK and amongst instructors).

So we thought we'd try to make it a little easier, and save you some money by developing an app that breaks down each test manoeuvre into simple steps. If you fully understand what the examiners are looking for, you're more likely to pass first time!

Please note: It is important that you carry out each step to the letter, be disciplined with observations, take your time, allow yourself to make mistakes (provided your safe at all times) and don't cut corners! With driving, control is best learnt at a slow speed!

Remember: Whoever you take to accompany you on your driving lessons, must be at least 21 and have held a full drivers licence for at least 3 years. You must display 'L' plates which are clearly visible from front and back.

These step by step guides make all the difference and can save hours of teaching, but you would always benefit from taking lessons with a DVSA approved driving instructor!

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